4 Meribel Apres Events you won’t forget in a hurry

What do you think of when you think of Apres Ski? Shots of Genepi, toffee vodka and dancing on tables? Well, yes and no. ‘Apres Ski’ quite literally means ‘After Ski’ and there is an abundance of exciting things to do after skiing in Meribel. Let us guide you through the most outrageously fun events that Meribel has to offer (including Genepi, toffee vodka and small amounts of dancing on tables!).

Mission Black Forest Sledging

Grab a friend, a sled and hop on the bubble ready to ride! Mission Black Forest is a hair-raising 3.4km Sledging run with 28 thrilling twists and turns taking you from the top of the Tougnette bubble right back down into Meribel centre. You’ll end up descending a full 470m, screaming all the way and shooting out onto the Truite run where you’ll need to keep the speed up to get all the way back to the bottom of the bubble. Some people have been known to stand up on their sledge and try a bit of snow surfing but it’s definitely not recommended!

The sledging costs a bargain 12€ per person or €9 per person for groups of 4 (or 4 descents if you love it so much you’re going to go down 4 times!). The price includes the bubble ride, the sled and helmet rental.

Catch one of the Folie Douce Shows

Ahhhh, the Folie Douce, the original table dancing Apres Ski venue – this is the one to take all your mates to and show off. The Folie really puts on a show with dancers on the rooftops and the huge terrace stage plus musicians, drinks and wild costumes. You can choose to hang out on the terrace and grab a beer from the bar or if you’re feeling flush you can take a seat in the VIP section and spray champagne with the best of them. After 2pm it gets really outrageous with the thumping bassline heard across the mountain!

The best thing about leaving the Folie? We are lucky enough to have a Meribel based Folie so while everyone in Courchevel needs to head home early to catch the last lifts you can easily ski down to Meribel. Had one too many tipples? The Folie is directly under the Sauliere midpoint so you can take the bubble down safe in the knowledge that you aren’t going to injure yourself!

Night Sledging – Himalaya by Night

Every Thursday night in Meribel Mottaret from 5.30pm to 7.30pm you can try your hand at sledging down the piste in the dark navigating only by floodlight. Take the run at maximum speed or head down at a leisurely pace, either way it’s a beautiful way to spend the evening before heading back to your Ski Blanc chalet for a three course dinner and some wine.

Spend the afternoon in one of Meribel’s great bars

Ahh finally, we’re talking about bars. In Meribel we’re lucky enough to have a brilliant bunch of bars, all offering something slightly different. Start your afternoon by skiing to the Rond Point where there is live music every day starting from around 5pm. If you have any beginners you can definitely benefit from the fact that the Ronnie is on the bus route… or if you’ve had one too many yourself you can just jump on the bus and not have to ski down!

A firm favourite, Jacks bar is directly opposite the Chaudanne lift area and is newly refurbished and ready for a party! Also hosting live music every evening, Jacks is the perfect place to while away an afternoon and has a great menu of snack foods like nachos, chips and pizza if you get peckish.

Ever skied to Meribel Village? If you’re looking for a great afternoon on a huge sunny terrace head down the Lapin run into Village where you will see Lodge Du Village (or LDV as it’s fondly known by locals). Not to be missed is the infamous Wing Wednesdays with local favourites “The Wingmen” playing on the terrace and even better if you get hungry? Treat yourself to a kilo of wings.

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