Booking Conditions

“Customer” shall mean the person in whose name the booking is made and shall include all other persons on whose behalf the booking has been made. Each Customer is jointly and severally liable for the due fulfillment of any contract term and any and all payments due. All bookings must be made on the form provided, signed and accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of £100.00 per person. If the booking is made within Ten weeks of the departure date the booking must be accompanied by payment of the full holiday price. No contract shall exist between Ski Blanc and the Customer until a booking form, together with the correct deposit is received by Ski Blanc and a confirmation of booking and invoice has been issued by Ski Blanc to the Customer.

INSURANCE The Customer acknowledges the need to acquire their own appropriate travel insurance effective at the time of booking and payment of the deposit hereunder.

PAYMENT The full balance of the monies due from the Customer must be paid to Ski Blanc at least Ten weeks before departure or upon receiving the final invoice which ever occurs last. If Ski Blanc does not receive the balance due as indicated above, it reserves the right to cancel the booking and the deposit paid by the Customer shall be retained by Ski Blanc to help defray its administrative costs. Ski Blanc will use its best endeavours to advise the Customer in a timely manner of such cancellation. No liability whatsoever shall however attach to Ski Blanc as a result of such a cancellation.

CANCELLATION OF HOLIDAYS Ski Blanc shall have the right to cancel a holiday or other travel arrangements (including transfers) if it is necessary to do so as a result of factors outside its control, including but not limited to: war, political unrest, weather, strikes, Acts of God, epidemics, riots, civil strife and commotion, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural and technical disasters, closure of ports and airports, the non-availability of aircraft or accommodation and any other occurrence envisaged by the term “force majeure”. If for reasons beyond the control of Ski Blanc it is found necessary to cancel a holiday, Ski Blanc will offer the Customer the choice of an alternative holiday of at least a comparable standard if available, or a refund (pro rata if applicable) of any deposit and /or monies paid.


Any cancellation made by the Customer must be in writing and made by the person who agreed to our Booking Conditions on our 'online' Booking Form.
Any cancellation made prior to 77 days before the intended departure date shall still result in the £100 non refundable deposit per person being retained by Ski Blanc.
If the cancellation is made within 77 days of the intended departure date it is agreed that the following cancellation charges shall apply:

More than 77 days - Deposit only

43-77 days - 50% of total

27-42 days - 75% of total

28 days and less - 100% of total

LIMITATION AND EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY The Customer agrees that when traveling by air, ship, train or bus or any other mode of transport (including ski lifts), not owned or supplied by Ski Blanc the terms and conditions of carriage of that carrier shall apply and in no case shall Ski Blanc be held or deemed liable for any death, injury, loss, damage or delay that may arise as a result. Ski Blanc does not hold itself out as a professional carrier and any transfers or transport provided by Ski Blanc (including via mini-buses or cars owned or supplied by them) is undertaken entirely at the Customer’s own risk in all respects. It is expressly agreed that Ski Blanc shall not be liable for any delay occurring during transfers or transportation of the Customer, including but not limited to loss of any flight or other transport connection. Furthermore it is hereby agreed that any liability that might attach to Ski Blanc by operation of any applicable law, shall be limited to and shall not exceed under any circumstances the relevant insurance cover carried by Ski Blanc at that time.

WEATHER CONDITIONS AND TRAVEL DELAYS Ski Blanc shall not be liable for any loss, damage or disappointment arising out of or connected with weather conditions or travel delays suffered by the Customer howsoever and wheresover caused.

CHANGE OF ACCOMMODATION Ski Blanc reserves the right to change the Customer’s requested accommodation for logistical reasons, such as chalet occupancy and staffing levels and any other operational consideration. Whilst every reasonable endeavour will be made to provide comparable accommodation, if this is not possible then Ski Blanc shall pay a reasonable level of financial compensation to the Customer to take account of such changes. In no case however, shall such compensation exceed the total cost of the individual Customer’s holiday.

LOST AND STOLEN PROPERTY In the event that guests lose property whilst on holiday, or leave items in the chalet when returning home, no responsibility shall be accepted by Ski Blanc in the event that the property is not recovered or returned. Ski Blanc does not accept any responsibility for theft of Customer’s belongings from their chalets or elsewhere. Customers are advised to carry all personal items with them at all times, including cash, credit cards and passports.


FOR SKI BLANC PROPERTY Each Customer shall have joint and several liability

for any loss or damage caused to Ski Blanc’s property including all chalets owned and operated by them. Such loss or damage shall not include normal wear and tear but shall include any willful or negligent loss or damage. Ski Blanc reserves the right to require Customers to leave their premises or property and Ski Blanc shall have the right to cancel the remainder of a Customer’s holiday for bad behaviour if the Customer’s behaviour is deemed inappropriate, aggressive or threatening. In such an event the Customer shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation whatsoever.

LAW AND JURISDICTION These terms and conditions which the Customer acknowledges having read and understood when booking their holiday with Ski Blanc, shall constitute the contract between Ski Blanc and each and every Customer. It is agreed that this contract shall be governedby English law and any dispute hereunder shall be determined via the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant County or High Courts of England.

What our customers say:

Just a quick note to say thank you for a brilliant holiday. Chalet L'Erine was beautifull the best I have stayed in. Combined with our hosts making us feel completely welcome made for an exceptional holiday. We are already working on the challenge to get a large group of girls for next time.Thanks again and look forward to visiting next year.
A Durham 18 Feb 2017, Chalet L'Erine, Meribel.